Service 2.0 (or fully Anticipation of Service 2.0: Exploring the Next Generation of Services) is a thesis research project in Service Innovation & Design Program at Laurea University of Applied Sciences in Finland. The project aims at exploring the principles of services where 2.0 concepts are adopted.
The Service 2.0 research utilizes crowd-sourcing, futures studies and service design tools and techniques to collect, analyze, and visualize world researchers, practitioners and customers’ insights and envisioning of service 2.0.
Service 2.0 is offered as an all-embracing term for all disruptive changes in delivery models, design methods, organizational structures, business models, dominant logics that would cause and result from services being transformed to be more 2.0 oriented.

What will the research develop?

  • Defining major principles of service 2.0 study.
  • Building a solid base of cases, insights, discussion triggers, teasers, stimulators, main themes based on analysis of writing on futures and service-related future.
  • Building an online space for collaboration between researchers, practitioners and customers on anticipating service 2.0
  • Conducting offline research to support the outcomes of the online research with continuous synchronization between both tracks.
  • Elicitation of major research findings.
  • Visualization of research findings.
  • Unfolding new frontiers for research in service 2.0 topics.