Sunday, February 12, 2012

Yeah, Me and My Thesis Topic

Yeah, so a year ago I used to come up with a new thesis topic for every trip to Finland. I would see Katri Ojasalo and tell her about the topic I'm thinking about and she would say "Great! Go ahead and start". I would go back to Riyadh and the next month I would come back with a new topic. When it was time to officially start my thesis work and present a tentative plan, I filtered all the topics I came up with throughout the months like "Experience-dominant Logic" and settled for 5 topics to pick from. I posted them with a brief description on my blog and opened discussions on them on 8 service-related LinkedIn groups. I asked researchers and practitioners about what they'd like researched. I believed that my thesis is a product that I would like to make sure is needed from my customers before I decide to work on it. This link includes my 5 topics and the discussion that took place for over a week in 8 groups.

What Would You Vote For? 5 Topics for Service Innovation & Design Research

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