Sunday, February 12, 2012

"Service 2.0 Port" @ ServDes 2012

"service 2.0 port" was there at ServDes 2012 and was happy to host the brilliant ideas on the next generation of services.
 The ports welcomes participants saying:

"I’m ur “service 2.0 port”. u say it here, I take it to the world and the future … What do u have for me today?! Grab a post-it sticky and post something in any of the awesome colorful areas. U can always take it straight 2 brother (service 2.0 hub) & he does the job with other younger siblings on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin. U normally find him hanging around"
The port gives you 6 areas that are just as colorful as the future to post your insights for the ServDes attendees. The port will take them online and share them with the world.
  • Service 2 .... What's it like?
  • Enabling forces n' trends?
  • 4-words example concepts
  • Any devil advocate?
  • Think it's cool? u serious? why?
  • Yeah, what else?

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